weekend retreat 2011.

This weekend was phenomenal. I had a weekend retreat for a trip I am going on this summer to the Ukraine. There is a team of 10 of us that will be going and working in an orphanage there for a couple of weeks in late May and I am super stoked about it. Originally, I didn’t really want to go on the trip. I was asked multiple times through an email and every time, I turned it down. However, there was a sudden switch the 4th time I was asked, and for some reason I really wanted to go. In all honesty it was a total God thing and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

The retreat was a very peaceful break from the routine I have been so wrapped up in at APU, and it gave me time to process. Sometimes I wish I had weeks upon weeks to dive into what I have done these past couple years, but I doubt that will ever happen. Because of this, I feel like weekends such as these are very important for me. Since leaving for college my freshman year, I have experienced so many highs and have had the opportunity to go on so many different adventures. From academics, to different cultures, my ideas and ways of thinking have been stretched and have grown more than I would have ever expected. At the same time, I almost feel more puzzled and confused as ever. For that reason I am writing this. I want to write down that I have do not really have anything together. I am trying to piece together this life that God has given me, and share the love I have been shown to others around me. I have been blessed with more than I could ever need and with all of those blessings, I want to bless others.


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Graduate from Azusa Pacific University. Previously, an intern for Warner Bros. Records, tour guide for Universal Studios, and a Casting Assistant for my favorite shows. Currently, a Resident Director at Grand Canyon University and MBA student. View all posts by josh.hulkkonen

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